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  1. Moonshiner's Gold (Riley McDaniels #1) by John R. Erickson
  2. Moonshiners Gold (Riley McDaniels Book 1)
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Buy As Gift. But all that changes when Riley and Coy stumble upon a moonshine still on their property. Grampy is determined to outwit the outlaws, so he and the family set off on a journey to find the truth—and instead find themselves caught up in a crime ring that extends farther than they ever imagined!

Moonshiner's Gold (Riley McDaniels #1) by John R. Erickson

Product Details About the Author. About the Author John R. But, before the ranch work starts, John rises at a. The author of more than forty books for young readers, Erickson lives with his wife, Kris, near his boyhood home of Perryton, Texas. Average Review. Write a Review. Moonshiner's Gold 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Anonymous More than 1 year ago pages and good book. Anonymous More than 1 year ago this book is very good.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago I love this book and the athur is a great writer and i have read alot if his book!!! Related Searches.

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Apples of Gold: A book of Godly Wisdom. I am privileged to have Reno as a friend in my life. His insights in His insights in business, politics, social ma ers and biblical knowledge has blessed me for years. Now Reno brings to you an amazing book called Apples of Wisdom.

And before long, Hank finds himself face When Young Alfred brings home a bunch of adorable baby chicks to raise, he expects Hank, as the Head of Ranch Security, to help keep them safe. Can he put aside Someone has been getting into the feed in the feed shed, and Slim has putout a trap for the offending party. Unfortunately, the trap is a bit trickie Bored and tired with working the ranch during the long hot summer, Riley and Coy are excited when their friend Aaron Kaplan comes for a visit and begins to teach them about archeology and the great finds they may be able to find beneath their feet on But when his efforts to rid the yard of one such pesky critter causes a stampede in the middle of a roundup, Loper decid It's winter in the Texas Panhandle, and the ranch is covered in snow and ice.

So when Sally May sets off for town, Hank decides to follow Pete's misguided advice and bravely escorts her car down the slick road. Before Hank realizes what's happeni It's been twenty years since the first Hank the Cowdog book was published, and the series has been going strong ever since. Hank has faced every hardship imaginable-natural disaster, disease, and all kinds of monsters.

But in The Case of the Burrowin When fourteen-year-old Riley can't get any help from the law to rid his ranch of the moonshiners squatting on his property, he teams up with his grandfather to do it without legal assistance. When pirates are discovered on the ranch, it's Hank the Cowdog's job to check the situation out. But Hank has no idea what a run-in with pirates can lead to. Before he knows it, he's up a tree in Little Alfred's treehouse pirate ship-facing imminent Will Hank rescue the dog of Beulah's dreams? It's the first day of quail season, and Plato the Bird Dog is missing.

At first, Hank is willing to let him stay lost. But when Beulah pleads for help, Hank caves in and takes off in search of Plato.

Moonshiners Gold (Riley McDaniels Book 1)

Suspicious sounds coming from near the clothesline, leads to a midnight investigation of the ranch. Before he knows it, Hank finds himself caught up with his old friend Eddy the Racand face-to-face with one of a dog's greatest enemies: the dreaded La Hank the Cowdog is having a string of rotten luck. First, he accidentally gets trapped in a cattle trailer and ends up stranded in town.

See a Problem?

Then, the dogcatcher picks him up and locks him in a cage However, fate turns around when he meets up with Dogpo Everyone's favorite cowdog is back in this latest hilarious escapade. Winning the game demands iron will and steely d The ranch is in the grip of a heat wave, and to make matters worse, there's a raging rottweiler on the loose.

It's rumored that Bruiser is all talk and no a There's a new dog on the ranch, and Hank the Cowdog is none too thrilled.

Moonshiners S01E06 - A Moonshiner's Farewell

As Head of Ranch Security, he's supposed to keep an eye on Jake until his owner shows up. But Jake's got other plans--he's convinced he needs to get to Madagascar before some p When Sally May and Loper head off to visit the relatives? Hank knows that trouble is sure to come knocking. But not even the Head of Ranch Security could have predicted what would happen next. First, Slim is str Someone has been raiding Sally May's garbage barrels! Hank knows the crime is the work of a notorious gang of raccoons, but in a tragic case of mistaken identity, the Head of Ranch Security is himself forced to take the heat.

Even more trouble lies a Even after an exhausting morning defending the ranch, Hank still has energy left for a fishing trip. But what starts as a routine expedition turns into a first-class crisis when Hank reels in more than he bargained for. A fishhook finds its way into The head of Ranch Security is again called to duty--this time to arrest the marauding trespassers who are threatening to stampede the cattle.

Join Hank as he tracks down enemy agent Mysterious Esther, gets a surprise visit from pretty Miss Viola, att Danger Lurks at Plato, the bird dog, has come to visit the ranch, delighting everyone with his quail-pointing skills and impeccable manners. Hank's true test of devotion comes when he m Eddy the Rac returns with magic tricks that backfire. Hank becomes prime suspect in a felony and Eddy pulls a disappearing act.

Further mysteries unfold as the search for Eddy leads Hank, Drover and Little Alfred through a snowstorm to the creepy hau Slim rescues an orphan raccoon, and much to Hank's dismay, everyone on the ranch is enchanted with the "cute" baby coon with the beady little eyes and amazing little hands. Yet little do they know that every time midnight rolls around, Eddy the Rac i Disaster follows disaster, all because poor Hank has been bitten, uh, double-stung by a rattlesnake, uh, bumblebee, or is it a rat?

Or is it a cottontail rabbit? When the Head of Ranch Security is out of commission, anything can go wrong When Hank takes a peek into the old mirror in the machine shed, he sees the meanest, toughest, stupidest dog he's ever seen. Hank's got to find a way to rid the ranch of this uninvited visitor? A terrible winter storm strikes the Texas Panhandle. Down at Slim's place, Hank and Drover listen to the wind howling outside, watching the snow pile up outside. The phone rings. It's High Loper.

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Baby Molly has a bad cough and needs medicine. Can Han The goods consist of nothing less than the Pasha of Shizzam, a bizarre little monkey willing to answer to Hank's beck and call. Or is he?

When Halloween arrives, Hank -- the self-appointed Head of Ranch Security -- has got his hands full of adventure. First there's a problem with the Tricker Trees. Then the ranch is invaded by two skel First he gets sick on poisoned bacon grease. Then he accidentally trips Sally May -- and she ends up with a broken ankle. Atlanta author R. Cary Bynum will read from his poetry collection, "Night Streetcars", with additional poetry readings from his books "Sea Vigil"and "The Chinaberry Tree".

Oney realized early in his career that he was interested in how men face challenges and cope with success and failure, seeing in their struggles something of his own. Updated and expanded here are the stories of nearly thirty designed landscapes first identified in the early twentieth-century publication Garden History of Georgia, — In a brilliant and engrossing narrative, Nancy MacLean shows that billionaires taking over our government is a secretive political establishment with long, deep, and troubling roots; beginning in the embattled Jim Crow South by the Nobel Prize-winning political economist James McGill Buchanan.

To Infinity And Beyond: Science, Fiction, and Popular Understandings of Outer Space Do you ever wonder how science fiction has inspired scientists to explore the universe—or what scientists think about the books, films, and video games that use their ideas? Have you ever been curious about where science fiction artists get their inspiration for the exotic planets and alien creatures populating their stories? If so, then this is the event for you!

Our panel brings Georgia Tech astrobiologist Dr. Kennda Lynch, Emory physicist and popular science writer Dr. Sidney Perkowitz, award winning science fiction author Jack McDevitt, and up-and-coming queer young adult author Casey Alane Wilson together to explore these questions and more. No tickets or reservations required. The article features remembrances of many former residents of Lightning, and Atlanta City Council member Michael Julian Bond, whose father, civil rights icon Julian Bond, represented Lightning when he was in the Georgia Legislature.

His initiatives and his aggressive pursuit of antiquities and classical treasures from Italy gave Paris much of the classical beauty we know and adore today. Susan Jaques is a journalist specializing in art. Paul Getty Museum. Darria combed the latest in medicine, psychology, and holistic health for answers when her own health crises struck. She now brings those solutions to moms everywhere. For moms who just DontHaveTheTime or energy , Mom Hacks gives you the specific smallest changes that yield the biggest impact for you and your child.

Featuring games, interviews and lip-synching, the shenanigan-filled show features Georgia-based, and bestselling authors and exposes readers to the diverse voices in Young Adult Literature. The Atlas of Reds and Blues grapples with the complexities of the second-generation American experience, what it means to be a woman of color in the workplace, and a sister, a wife, and a mother to daughters in today's America.

He is a young executive and she is artist on the brink of an exciting career.

Get e-book Moonshiners Gold (Riley McDaniels Book 1)

They are settling into the routine of their life together, when they are ripped apart by circumstances neither could have imagined. Though fiercely independent, Celestial finds herself bereft and unmoored, taking comfort in Andre, her childhood friend, and best man at their wedding. This stirring love story is a deeply insightful look into the hearts and minds of three people who are at once bound and separated by forces beyond their control. An American Marriage is a masterpiece of storytelling, an intimate look into the souls of people who must reckon with the past while moving forward- with hope and pain- into the future.

In this one-of-a-kind retelling of Pride and Prejudice set in modern-day Pakistan, Alys Binat has sworn never to marry—until an encounter with one Mr. Darsee at a wedding makes her reconsider. Be there to hear about these fabulous writers. The story of the three wise men following a star to a most glorious sight, Home By Another Way is the perfect book to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.

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Ryan Gainey was one of the most celebrated American garden designers of the past three decades. Growing up in rural South Carolina, Ryan developed a love of plants from relatives and mentors at an early age. After moving to Atlanta in the s, Ryan began designing stunning gardens in affluent neighborhoods in the city and around the world. He was a contradictory character, offensive and tender, self- absorbed and generous, artificial yet truly authentic.

Ryan was known for his love of beauty and the ability to create it. Captains of industry like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Morgan and Carnegie all called the Jekyll area home.