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Climax is the moment when protagonist achieves or fails to achieve his goal. As he struggles to pursue his goal, he gains experience. He understands the way the world works and the reasons for that.

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He learns lessons, and we learn these lessons through him. Controlling Idea CI is the underlying reason for the change that happens, the underlying nature of the world we are trying to explain through our story. It is the answer to why the event has happened. CI is an abstract idea, that is being expressed through concrete events and actions.

So when you are writing a story, climax is the key element you are looking for. All the other elements of a story are connected to climax, they add up to it, and are defined in relation to it. If you know the climax — you know all of the crucial elements. And when you know IInc, goal, and a climax — it is easy to figure out everything else:. Any can be discovered if you know the climax, and when you know only some of the elements but not all — you can discover climax by following these connections.

There are 4 crucial elements you need to know about your story:. Together they form a High Concept HC — the main story idea, original and interesting concelt you can express in a few words. That will give you a pretty clear and straightforward idea of what your 3 Acts are about. Once you know that — you can break the acts into scenes , and create Outline. And then use that outline list of scenes to simply expand it into writing. You find these elements by asking and answering questions. The following is an idealized, orderly version of a process.


It makes sense to begin by finding an interesting setting , and once you know where your story takes place it is easier to find an interesting character. Once you know the setting and characters, your biggest goal is to find your climax. In my experience, the easiest one to begin with is IInc , or, in other words a problem. Usually this problem is caused by the antagonist, so if you can figure out who that is it may help you to find the problem.

Once you have your problem — you have your IInc, you know where your story has started. Next — you can find TP1 — it is simply the point when character decides to achieve his goal. Once you know that, you can imagine what difficulties may arise, and how things can escalate, and as they escalate more and more — you know your MP, and as they escalate even further — you can figure out the big final attempt at achieving his goal, and how it can go horribly wrong and fail. Finally, once you know the TP2 — the lowest poit for the character — you can figure out how he will turn things around and solve it at climax.

Once you know the things you are looking for, the main steps you need to take — you search for them by asking questions, thinking, writing. Usually it is hard to write the story completely top-down start from outline, find key points, and break things down until you have individual scenes , and it is hard to do it bottom-up just sitting down, writing, and going wherever it takes you.

So I think that the best way is to combine both options and jump back and forth. You think about the outline, you ask questions, you sit down to write, then go back to correcting outline. While I was going to my room, I met my aunt. And I just put my angry face to see her without saying hello back.

When I walked to my room, the light was off so the room was dark. I turned the light on.

A short story

Suddenly, my two younger sisters shouted loudly, ''Happy birthday, sis'' with a happy smile in their face and a birthday cake in their hands. I felt so surprised. That surprise made me speechless, I didn't know what to say for the special birthday celebration they gave me. I just said, ''Thank you'' but I felt extremely happy in my heart. Then I wished all the best for my new age, blowed the candles. After that, I ate birthday cake with sisters.

JUST AS I AM - I Come Broken to Be Mended...

It tasted so delicious, like the most delicious birthday cake ever in my life. In conclusion, it was the most memorable birthday party to me. Until now, I can also feel the surprised feeling when the light was on. I will never forget this birthday party. The last year I had a very special birthday because I think that I was lonely in my birthday because I was in Guayaquil and my family were in Quito. But this day they come to Guayaquil only for me.

And this day was very special for me. Yes, I had a wonderful and memorable birthday last year. I Invited all my friends and family members in my birthday party. My parents books a Chinese restaurant for my party. All the people brought for me lots of gifts and wishes card. On of the biggest surprise my parents given me a cute little Rabbit pet. I never forgot that day always memorable my life. My favorite birthday was in My friend and I celebrated our birthdays together, in Tres Cantos Madrid.

I liked my birthday because all my friends gave me many presents, like soccer balls and footballs, shirts, trousers and most importantly, that we spent time together. Dear rodrigar! Thanks for your comment on LearnEnglish Teens. This website is specially for teenagers aged years old but from your comment it sounds like you are older than that.

You are welcome to keep on using LearnEnglish Teens but if you are over 17, please do NOT post any more comments as we must keep this strictly for teenagers to interact with each other. You are welcome to join our LearnEnglish page for adults and post comments there: www. I just celebrated my birthday in August in my Academy with my friends and my teachers. It was fun and a charming memory. It won't ever fade away from my memory.

Also, the best birthday I ever had was when I got a chance to celebrate my birthday First time ever in my School. And it was the last time too. My Bday comes in Aug.

As summer vacation takes the three big months. June, july and 15 days of Aug, I never got a chance to celebrate it. But then, during my last year at school, as we were the most senior class, and had a load of work, we couldn't enjoy much holidays and had a small term vacation. So luckily, I got a chance to celebrate and enjoy it. It was such an unforgettable event. I LOVE remembering that. Well every birthday is special since you spend it with family but I've never had a birthday celebration that was out of the ordinary.

I had met a girl that is beautiful. She had suddenly effected to me and i hadn't understand anything what happened. After that time, we had started to meet also we were making an effort know each other so we were spending time a lot. One day, she sent a message to me in my brith day. She didn't want to see me again 'what was going on? I wanted talking to her and called to her unless stopping but she didn't answer to me. I was feeling awful today was my birthday but there was no spark of life in my body. I had exited from our market in order to walk around but it wasn't good way to be relax because wherever i went everywhere reminded me everything that belong to her then i had stopped and sat on the bench.

I went to bus station in order to get in the bus to go to her home. While i was going to there by bus i was asking myself ' why she called me to her home? After to enter home someone turned off quickly light then it was shocked also start to cry. Everyone was in there and they came to there for my birthday. My last Birthday I went to SIx Flags Mexico, It was so funny because my mom told me that we are going to go but without friends and when I got there all my friends were waiting for me, it was so cool,,,!!! My mum decided to invite a fairy to my sixth birthday party.

I was looking forward to seeing her because you know I was a kid. But when she finally came to the party, we were all kind of disappointed. We expected to see a young, beautiful girl dressed like a fairy, but we got a fat sorry for using such a rude word woman in thirties who wore dark cloak!!! Cloak for fairy!!! It was a quite funny occurrence, we always like to remember it with a smile. I just have one special birthday celebration. It was in the evening when i'm 7 year old.

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I invited some friend, we go out to play hide and seek, climb tree.