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Toggle navigation. Ships with Tracking Number! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! Log-in or create an account first! Ask the seller a question. He succeeded in the dangerous missions even though Saul assigned him hoping they would bring about his death.

Now here is true love, 13 the kind of love we should desire to imitate:. Jonathan loved David as much as he did his own life. Jonathan and David were kindred spirits. Both trusted in God. Both knew that God was great and that He would give them victory, no matter what the odds.

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Both saw Saul for what he was, and yet they would lay down their lives to protect the life of the king. He still had the head of the Philistine in his hand. When did David return from killing Goliath? We know several things that must all be taken into account:. We do not know for sure that after killing Goliath David went with the Israelite army in pursuit of the Philistines.

I would suspect David reiterated to Saul what he had said to him before he did battle with Goliath. Jonathan, we are told, loved David as himself. We are not told the details of this particular covenant, but from what we read in chapter 20, it seems as though this covenant is bilateral:. I will feel out my father about this time the day after tomorrow.

If he is favorably inclined toward David, will I not then send word to you and let you know? May the Lord be with you, as he was with my father. In fact Jonathan loved him as much as he did his own life 1 Samuel Jonathan gives David his robe.

by Kimberly Taylor

I believe that a royal robe was one of the garments Pharaoh gave to Joseph as a symbol of his authority Genesis So too were the royal robes of Ahab and Jehoshaphat. But this is not all. In addition to the robe Jonathan, gave David his armor, including his sword, his bow, and his belt. Jonathan did not go to the military supply depot to acquire replacement weapons.

When he gave David his weapons, he had to do without. Three times we are told that Jonathan loved David as he loved his own life. Never before in the Old Testament have I seen a man like this, a man so devoted to serve, to defend, and to promote another.

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This then is my joy, and it is complete. One can hardly miss the contrast between Saul and his son Jonathan when it comes to their relationship with David. At this point, Saul saw David as a contributor to his kingdom, but once David became popular with the people, Saul saw David as a competitor for the throne. None of this has any substance in fact, for David always sought to serve Saul by protecting and promoting his interests.

Even when the opportunity came to kill Saul and to seize the kingdom, David refused. Aside from a few occasions when Saul temporarily repented, this man became a virtual Herod, who was ruthless in his efforts to be rid of anyone who might replace him. Jonathan was the opposite of Saul in terms of his relationship with David. Jonathan was one in spirit with David in his love for God and in his desire to promote the glory of God.

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He loved David as himself and entered into a covenant relationship with him. Jonathan was a kindred spirit who remained loyal to David to the very end, when he died on the battlefield with his father and brothers. You will be a regular guest at my table. Years ago I was privileged to hear Dr.

Fifteen Shades of Love: Bible Study for Women (Special)

Oswald Sanders speak to a group of men in Fort Worth, Texas. His topic, like the title of one of his many books, was spiritual leadership. Here was a Christian statesman, now into his senior years, speaking to a group of younger men about what he had learned about leadership. As I recall, he summarized his message to us with these points:. Sanders told how God worked in his life to make it clear that he had a new and challenging ministry for him. He was an instructor and administrator at a Bible College in New Zealand, and he was asked to become the director of the China Inland Mission now known as the Overseas Missionary Fellowship.

He submitted to what he believed was the sovereign will of God. Sanders shared with us years ago. I believe that Jonathan illustrates the fact that it is God who sovereignly raises up those whom He has chosen to lead. I think of the way Jesus chose His disciples, rather than to ask for volunteers. I think of the way that God set apart Barnabas and Saul for missionary service. Two of the men — James and John — were brothers, 25 and yet James died first, 26 and John died last. How do we explain the fact that God requires men to lead in the church, rather than women?

While the Scriptures provide us with various reasons, I believe that in the final analysis we must simply submit to the Scriptural commands as the sovereign will of God. How do we explain why one gifted man rises to a position of prominence and great responsibilities while another Christian, equally gifted and spiritually committed, remains relatively obscure? I believe that we must acknowledge that this was the sovereign will of God. David submitted to the sovereignty of God is a somewhat different way.

He was also convinced that God would remove Saul when the time came for him to assume the throne. Sanders shared with us an experience he had early in his preaching ministry nearly 60 years earlier, as I recall his comments. He had preached a sermon in a small church, and afterward he retreated to the office, which was off to the side of the church.

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From his office he could not help but overhear a conversation between two women outside the door. Finally he cared for a niece as I recall who had helped him care for his wife, for she, too, died of some ailment. Suffering prepares us for leadership. It looks as though he was the only child of a successful rancher.

David, on the other hand, was the last of eight sons, and his family was not among the elite. Jonathan interceded with his father, persuading him temporarily that David was not an enemy but a valued ally. Now, send some men and bring him to me. For he is as good as dead! What has he done?

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So Jonathan was convinced that his father had decided to kill David. He did not eat any food on that second day of the new moon, for he was upset that his father had humiliated David 1 Samuel Thus, David remained loyal to Saul to the very end. But it is most instructive and encouraging to observe that Jonathan became a servant to David. This Jonathan willingly did. This kind of servanthood is extremely rare.